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AVENT Natural
So for the past several weeks now my husband and I have been in the process of finding the best bottle fit for our little girl. Something we thought that we wouldn’t have to worry about since the bottles we began with seemed to be working out fine. Unfortunately, as she started drinking more and developing a little bit of an attitude the realization that the bottle hunt was about to being was all too real for us! As of this moment, this totally could change any second, we have found the winner!
  – So I went into the hospital with full intentions to breast feed, something I was a bit skeptical of but thought it would be the healthier way to go and I loved the idea of bonding with my newborn as much as possible. Unfortunately, after giving birth I had absolutely NOTHING come in… NOTHING! Apparently this is something that is very rare, I was told in the hospital that if I kept trying I would probably start producing but they said it may take “a few days”. A FEW DAYS, no way, I wasn’t going to even think about waiting that long to feed my baby nor did I want to risk giving her tummy trouble by giving her formula then breast milk or getting her used to a bottle then start the process of getting her to latch on her own with me at home without help, all because my body was being a major pain in the butt. So we decided to bottle feed her, which I see now was the BEST thing we decided to do, I’ve read so much about bottle vs. breast feed babies and to tell you the truth neither one are healthier than the other, in fact bottle feed babies have a higher chance of gaining weight within the first few weeks rather than losing like most infants.  Mine gained about 11oz from the time we took her home until the time we took her to her 4 week appointment! That was encouraging for us as new parents because it showed us that we were capable of taking care of her, that was the first time I felt like, “Hey, we may be able to actually do this, she’s healthy!” It also gives us, me in particular, the freedom to accept some much needed help from others; weather it be from my husband feeding her at 4 am, from our church nursery worker who takes care of her while I’m busy on Sunday mornings, or by taking the stress out of leaving her with my mom while we go to work. Bottle feeding has really been the best thing for our family! That being said I respect, support and encourage everyone who chooses to breastfeed, but I support giving your baby the best of you and your family to make them healthy more! Whatever takes away the most stress and makes you the most happy when it comes to midnight feedings will ALWAYS be beneficial to your little one!
Before giving birth we bought bottles we thought we’d like, we even got a few from our baby shower. I made the mistake of opening them all to wash them and throwing away the packaging… NOT A GOOD IDEA, seriously, don’t do that, you will be mad at yourself!
We’ve been through about 6 different bottle types and brands in just about 4 months.. I know, that’s a lot! Oops! See, we’re amateurs! But here are the ones we’ve used and what we thought about them!
So in the hospital they gave us little 2oz bottles of premixed formula they were Similac Ready to Feed. These acted as our baseline, we knew she didn’t have an issue with these so we tried to get bottles that were similar. One thing we did discover is she wouldn’t take a normal pacifier, they all seemed to make her gag but the AVENT Soothie Pacifiers she loves because the nipple is so similar!
The bottles looked like this:
 Similac Advance Stage 1
And these are still the only type of pacifier she will take:
Avent Soothie Pacifier

Dr Brown:

Dr. Brown Bottles
Ok so like I said we tried to find bottles that had a similar shape, so we started with Dr Brown: Some of the things I liked about these were obviously the shape of the nipple matched what we were looking for, she transitioned really well to them. The price point wasn’t bad, you could get a package of three 4oz bottles for about $16-$20 depending on where you purchased them. I think I found some at TJ Max once for like $15 for a four count!
I really loved the the 4oz but the problem for me came when it was time to move to more ounces of milk. The 9 and 11 ounce bottles are, in my option, ridiculously big. When you are just moving from 4oz to 6 you feel very odd using this VERY large bottle to feed a 2 or 3 month old baby. Or at least I did. Another thing I wasn’t a hugh fan of and helped us decide to look for different bottle options was the fact that there is literally 4 pieces to this bottle, without the cap! It makes feeding difficult when you are on the go, I was constantly worried about having to lay the steam down on something clean or stressing about my hands being clean enough to mess with something that would be inside her milk. I mean I get the idea behind it and loved the fact that these bottles and that mechanism could have contributed to the fact that London hasn’t had colic or many tummy issues at all but it is a lot to deal with when you’re away from home or at 4am with a fussy newborn. Not to mention, it is very hard to get into those tiny little crevasse to clean them, God help you if you ever find a stray one under the crib like we did! They also aren’t the most diaper bag friendly bottles. All four of these pieces have to be perfectly inline or they will leak all over everything!
All in all I liked them but wish they were a little bit more convenient for on – the – go parents!
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EvenFlo bottles
While we were trying the Dr Brown bottles we found some EvenFlo bottles that had a similar nipple, I liked that these only had 2 pieces however they weren’t marketed as anti-colic or anything which I wasn’t too thrilled with. I did really like how inexpensive they were, so they would be good if money is tight. Also, the curved neck was nice!
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MAM bottles
We even tried MAM bottles for a VERY short time, maybe one or two feedings, I liked the fact that they have a bottom the unscrews as well as a top, that made cleaning a lot easier. What I didn’t like was that it was hard to see how much was in the bottom of the bottle. The numbers started a bit higher up the side of the bottle than I liked. I also wasn’t a fan of how fat they felt in your hand. These were also priced reasonably. On Amazon you can get a 2 count for about $14.00
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Joovy Boob:

Joovy Boob bottles
The next ones we decided to try were the Joovy Boob bottles. We were at Buy Buy Baby an hour or so from home and found these bottles. What interested us about them was they had a wider base but still a skinnier nipple, we also LOVED the fact that the 9oz bottles were about the same size as the 4oz Dr Brown bottles we were using at the time. They were a little bit bigger, width wise, but they felt pretty comfortable while feeding. We also liked that these had one less piece than the Dr Brown, these have a nipple, bottle and a small ring that goes on the top of the bottle under the nipple to give an air tight seal. However, London seemed to ALWAYS make a mess with these bottles, she seemed to drink from them fine but you were constantly cleaning up milk from her chin and neck because it would just run everywhere. Her latch was fine, so we tried different flow nipples but she still had the same issue. Also, if for some reason the little ring wasn’t EXACTLY right the bottle would leak horribly! I can’t tell you how many times I spilled quite a bit of milk all over both of us because it wasn’t in the grooves like it should be.  These were the most expensive bottles we tried, they were about $22.00 for a 2 count. Over all I really liked them, but I don’t think London cared for them so much.
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AVENT Classic:

AVENT Classic
I saw a really good deal on these bottles on amazon and after paying $22.00 for 2 of the boob bottles I was happy to try something else.. I was excited about these because I thought that maybe they would be a good mix in nipple shape. They were skinny like the Dr. Browns she liked as had a little bit wider base like the Joovy ones we were using but as soon as I put these up to her mouth we knew they weren’t going to work. For some reason she just couldn’t get a latch on them, I think that the reason was the exact thing I though she would like about them. The base was just too wide and the nipple too skinny. She was getting way too much air with each suck and you could hear it. The positives about these were they were smaller 9oz bottles, they literally only have 2 pieces and the price was awesome! I would recommend these if your baby doesn’t have trouble latching like mine did. You can get a 5 count of these for about $22.00!
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AVENT Natural:

AVENT Natural
Ok so finally we have come to the bottles we found that we have really enjoyed! At this time we were still using the Joovy bottles and were dealing with the mess she made with them, we decided to try these because they were similar to those bottles but the nipple seemed a little bit shorter, we thought that maybe if she could get closer to the base of the nipple with her mouth then that may help her to control how much she was getting and maybe stop the messiness. We knew right away that these were the ones we were going to stick with! She latched on extremely well, she drank an entire bottle without us wiping her mouth at all and they were the size we liked, they are also only 2 pieces but anti-colic (the nipples fit around the top very well and crates an air tight seal)! Another plus were these were at Walmart so we didn’t have to worry about going an hour away to get replacements or having to order them online. The price was good too! We got a 3 count for about $21.00! They also have little pink elephants which is a nice little feature! I will say these bottles were cheaper at Walmart than they were online, so I wouldn’t suggest ordering them unless your Walmart doesn’t carry them. If you would like to order them online thought here’s the link! =)
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Finding the right bottle fit for your baby isn’t always easy, sometimes it takes awhile. In our case it took about 4 months. Bottles aren’t something we can really prepare for, it’s a lot of trial and error! The key is to not get too frustrated and ALWAYS, ALWAYS keep your packaging! =)
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My name is Jessica Evans; I am a 25 year old Youth Pastor at Grace Community Church in Crossville, Tennessee. My husband, Jeff and I are high school sweethearts, we’ve been married for six years and on April 26, 2016, at 6:04 pm we meet our first child, little miss London Lily Evans. Since having her, we have been in a constant state of shock with the fact that something so little can affect every aspect of our lives, which being said, at the same time I wouldn’t change ANYTHING with the way my crazy little life is now! There is no way I would go back to the person I was just over three months ago! That’s craziness! But being a parent has been one of the best things that have ever happened to Jeff and me.
I know when I was pregnant and about to embark on this incredible journey to parenthood. I found a lot of blogs that talked about what you should or shouldn’t do, how you would lose lots of sleep and be miserable for the first several months, how things would change. From what I read; I wouldn’t have time to do anything, this new little addition was going to take EVERY ounce of time I had. This terrified me, especially the time part! It didn’t help. The fact that the very day my husband and I found out we were pregnant was the day we had made the announcement to our church’s congregation that we were taking over the Youth Department from our fearless leader and Youth Director who had been there for 14 years. I was ready to give all I had to this new position so when we found out we were expecting it wasn’t as joyful of an experience as I hoped it would be. However, these blogs while helpful in their right made me more scared. The thing I picked up on most was what I was going to lose, the sleep and time I was going to miss out on. This worry is something I wish I wouldn’t have wasted so much time on.
Please don’t get me wrong, I was happy but confused, I didn’t understand God’s timing. Jeff and I had talked about and even tried to have a baby for almost a year and a half. To be honest, we just thought that it wouldn’t happen for us or that we would have to try harder, maybe see a Doctor in the future but God evidently had other plans! Over the course of my 9-month pregnancy, we experienced loss, a lot of stress, job changes and family issues: it became apparent to us pretty quickly WHY she was given to us when she was. She became our light at the end of the darkest time in our lives so far. God knew we’d need her and mostly WHEN we’d need her!
I am by no means an expert, and my baby is just over three months, so I’m not even pretending to be a professional mom, but I have learned a lot over the past several months. It’s taken us some time to weed through all the information we read before baby, what has worked for us and what hasn’t, it’s taken us time to figure out the products we like and don’t like, things I wish I had done differently and things I would do again.
So because I had such a hard time finding a blog that lifted me up and left me with happiness while giving me the information I needed, I have decided to write a blog myself, nothing too fancy, just about the life I have, things I’ve come to learn about myself and our infant and the God I’ve experienced through my transition from wife to mommy. In hopes that maybe you will leave a little more encouraged and a little less worried about having your bundle of joy, or if you are a new mom we can journey this amazing new adventure together! God chose us for a reason. We are what they need!

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